BRIDGE is the title of the video installation designed by Christian Niwa in the year 2015. Christan Niwa is a german artist and designer and his main interest is in creating interdiscipline media artwork. Christian was born  1967 in north-west of germany. He lives and works in Braunschweig, Germany.

Bridge Videoinstallation

Christian Niwa creates virtual architectures based on sound field recordings in realtime animation. These compositions of perception
is a special kind of transformation and imagination to the observer of BRIDGE. Niwa ́s passion is creating sounds and taking pictures and his aim is to be creative as an digital artist. His researching moments are
landscapes, structures, objects and field recordings. All these separate elements are put together to develop his imaginary world of reality. What you see is not an illusion of time frames. The Bridge installation is more than an imaginary room of creative conceptions.
Niwa ́s individual perception of sound and images show us many new percpectives of how we can sence and perceive the urban room. Lines, shapes, lights and shadows with sounds in context are created to bring you in another dimensions of BRIDGE.
Life moments become impressions of time and movement in realtime:

to shoot over a bridge to stay on a bridge
to stay under a bridge to go over a bridge

to go under a bridge
to see under a bridge to see over a bridge
to listen under a bridge to listen on a bridge

to move under a bridge
to move over a bridge

to fly over a bridge
to drive with a car on a bridge
and to have time for your own perception of nature.